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Come along and catch up with
your fellow members and the leisure team. Meridian Suite, Kenwick Park
Hotel. Temporary Gym & Studio opening 23rd December

Welcome to Kenwick Health & Leisure Club, Lincolnshire's Premier Health Club. With fitness our specialty we have a dedicated team ready to help you achieve your goals from weight loss to improved fitness.


A temporary building will be arriving at the beginning of December which will be our home for the next 12 months.

With brand new state of the art TechnoGym equipment, spin bikes and a schedule of over 50 classes we are looking forward to welcoming you back.

Call Marcus on 01507 353092.



As has been well documented in the local media, Kenwick Health & Leisure Club suffered a severe fire in the early hours of Monday 13th October and will be closed until further notice.

The Hotel & Kenwick Woods are operating as normal and have NOT been affected at all by this incident.

The emergency services dealt with the situation brilliantly and we would like to say thank you for their help and support. We will provide update and further news when available.

****Christmas and New Year Timetable****

Christmas Eve (Wednesday)

Class Time
Body Conditioning 09.00-10.00
Spin and Abs 10.15-11.00
Gym Circuits 14.00-15.00

Christmas Day (Thursday)

Class Time
Closed Closed

Boxing Day (Friday)

Class Time
Spin and Func 11.30-12.30

Saturday 27th December

Class Time
Spin and Abs 09.30-10.15
Fit Kids 10.30-11.00

Sunday 28th December

Class Time
Spinning 09.30-10.15
Fit Kids 10.30-11.00

Monday 29th December

Class Time
Spin and Func 10.15-11.15
Body Balance 11.30-12.30
Chair Based Exercise 13.00-13.30
20 20 20 17.00-18.00
Zumba 18.00-19:00
Spinning 19.00-19:45

Tuesday 30th December

Class Time
Quick Spin 07.00-07.30
Running Club 09.15-10.15
Hula Hoop 10.30-11.00
Fit Kids 15.30-16.00
Body Balance 18.00-19.00
Step 19.00-20.00

New Years Eve (Wednesday)

Class Time
Gym Circuits 09.30-10.30
Chair Based Exercise 14.00-14.30
Spinning 17.00-17.45

New Years Day (Thursday)

Class Time
Gym Circuits 11.15-12.00
Spin and Abs 12.15-13.00

Friday 2nd January

Class Time
Body Conditioning 09.00-10.00
Spin and Abs 10.15-11.00
Boot Camp 11.00-12.00
Power Walk 12.00-13.00
Zumba 14.00-15.00
Circuits 18.00-19.00
Spin and Abs 19.00-19.45

Saturday 3rd January

Class Time
Spin and Abs 09.30-10.30
Body Conditioning 10.30-11.30
Body Conditioning 17.00-18.00

Sunday 4th January

Class Time
Spin and Abs 09.30-10.30
Boot Camp 10.30-11.30
Spin and Abs 17.00-18.00

New class timetable starts from 5th January 2015 »

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